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World in Five Parts

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Duration 5:00 – 7:00

The World in Five Parts for large or small amateur ensemble was commissioned by the International Society for Music Education with support from the FPA. It was presented at the 22nd World Conference ‘Music Education, Preparing for the 21st Century.’ in Amsterdam, July 1996. The five movements represent the 5 continents: Asia is pentatonic, Europe is diatonic with classical elements, Australia is a fantasy on the didgeridoo, Americas is a blues with latin elements and Africa contains a rhythmical and syncopated repetition-structure.The score can be performed by any number of instruments, divided as follows:
1.The ‘soprano voice’ is for: flute, oboe, violin, keyboards, mallets, accordion, mandoline, harp etc. ( part in C ) and clarinet, soprano saxophone etc. ( part in Bb ).
3.The ‘tenor voice’ can be performed by: bassoon, cello, keyboards, mallets, accordion, guitar, harp etc. ( part in C ), French horn ( part in F ), tenor saxophone ( part in Bb ) and viola ( part in alto clef ).
4.The’bass voice’ can be performed by bassoon, trombone,tuba, cello, keyboards, mallets, harp etc. ( part in C ) and double bass, bass guitar ( double bass part ).
5.The fifth part, for percussion, is for 1 or 2 players and is ad libitum. Instruments: bass drum, snare, tambourine or hi hat, woodblock, clash cymbals or crash cymbal.
6.A special sixth part containing chord symbols was added to enable keyboard players to perform a simple chord accompaniment ad libitum.