The News, a reality opera

‘THE NEWS is a reality opera based on speech grooves, in which live music is synchronised with non-fiction footage from the international media. The drama is constructed using broadcasts from newscasters, politicians, scientists, televangelists, athletes, movie stars and celebrities discussing a vast array of socio-political issues, from global warming to the credit crunch, as well as matters of war and peace to trivialities, thus exposing our western society’s obsession with public image, fame, catastrophe and morality.  With media coverage constantly changing, ruminating and updating worldwide, THE NEWS is a fresh approach to music composition, video production and social commentary through live performances. This singular and timely work, which marries conventional media material to extraordinary artistry, engages the public in a uniquely stimulating experience; catalyst for introspection and dialogue’.
Stephen Burns, artistic director of Fulcrum PointNew Music Project Chicago

The various editions of  THE NEWS took place between 2010 and 2016. It was work in progress, each edition had to be different, according to topicality and the country we were performing and could last from 15 minutes to an evening length production.
Orchestration: news anchors: soprano + alto/jazz singers, 3 sax, trumpet, trombone, e guitar, percussion, keyboard, bass, audio tracks, videos. Videos by Jan Boiten, Kristien Kerstens, JacobTV. Music by JacobTV.

2010 Mini edition with Masanori Oishi & friends in Tokyo
2011  Instrumental edition by Clazz Ensemble in Amsterdam
2011  Instrumental edition by Parco della Musica Contemporanea Ensemble (PCME) in Rome
2012  US Concert Edition by Fulcrum Point in Pittsburgh / Chicago
2012  European Edition by PMCE in Rome
2013  Peace Edition by the Netherlands Wind Ensemble (NBE) in Soesterberg & Amsterdam
2014  Dutch Opera Edition by Nationale  Reisopera & NBE in the Netherlands, director Xander Straat
2014  German NDR Radio Edition HMT Hamburg with students from Rostock Hochschule Musik & Tanz
2014  instrumental  Edition by What’s Next Ensemble in Los Angeles
2015 New York/Chicago Edition by Fulcrum Point: April 17,18  Metropolitan Museum NYC, April 21 Thalia Theater  Chicago
2015 Russian Edition by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble in Moscow Nov 27 (Electrotheater Stanislavsky)  & St.Petersburg
2016  Westcoast Edition by  Long Beach Opera Los Angeles at Performing Arts Center Eli and Edythe Broad Stage Santa Monica College CA USA, June 25,26,29
2016 Brabant Edition at November Music by students of Fontys Hogeschool, cond. Aart Strootman
2016 Fuse mini edition ( Clinton-Trump) for national Dutch tv ‘Podium Witteman.

THE NEWS is published by JacobTV’s BOOMBOX. For information contact us at

The News 2013 trailer:

Chicago Edition 2012: World Leader & Broken Dreams:

Chicago Edition 2012: Small Pop:

NYC Edition 2015: Small Pop Finale:

Peace Edition part 1, NBE 2013, Muziekgebouw Amsterdam:

Peace Edition part 2, NBE 2013, Muziekgebouw Amsterdam:

The News Opera Edition by Nationale Reisopera, NBE 2014