Resurrection Power

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Duration 6:00

Commissioned by FPA and written 2008-2009 for the Ricciotti Ensemble, Resurrection Power is based on an inspiring sermon I heard on a Sunday morning in April 2008 on a local tv station in Columbia SC. The first version was scored for the JacobTV Band: sax quartet, harp, bass & drums, part of the show Cities change the Songs of Birds. The audio contains both a click track for the conductor and the original audio track of the evangelist. There are different versions of Resurrection Power:

– Orchestra: 2111,4110,perc, str. Instead of 4 French horns, horn 2,3,4 may be replaced by 3 alto saxes.
– Small ensemble: sax quartet, harp or marimba, bass, drums.
– Sax ensemble: sopranino sx, 2 ssx, 3 asx, 2 tsx, bari sx, bsx, cbsx, bg, drs, arrangement by Erik Jan de With*
A license for these versions can be obtained at: jacobtv@me.com
* Recorded by the Westland Saxofoon Orkest on their album ‘Celebration’.

– Electric guitar version (arranged by by Emmanuel Graglia)
– Concert video by Jan Boiten, revised 2014 by JacobTV

Emmanuel Graglia on e guitar:

Concerto video featuring the  Ricciotti Ensemble