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Duration 8:32

Pimpin, for sax quartet featuring the baritone sax was composed 2007 – 2008 with support from the FPA and dedicated to Connie Frigo and Willem van Merwijk. Pimpin is based on one liners and dialogues from pimps and prostitutes. Pimpin can be performed on baritone sax + audio, or sax quartet + audio, featuring the baritone sax. Complimentary bass & drums parts (PDF) can be added ad lib itum for those who want to perform Pimpin with a band. Contact us at jacobtv@me.com.

Clazz Ensemble Amsterdam recorded Pimpin on their first album, and so did Joan Martí-Frasquier ( video below) on his album Believer. JacobTV added a concert video to Pimpin. Paolo Ravaglia (video below)arranged a version of Pimpin for bass clarinet and Emmanuel Graglia arranged a version for electric guitar. JacobTV added a concert video to Pimpin in 2018. (video below)

Concert video (midi):

Video by Catelyn Hawkins:

Video by  Joan Martí-Frasquier:

Bass clarinet version by Paolo Ravaglia:

Menne Smallenbroek: