Duration 21:00

Parkietenkwartet (Parakeet Quartet)  for parakeet, reed instruments, piano, computer-synthesizer, djembe and drums with audio was written around 1982 with financial support from the FPA. In Parkietenkwartet, man, animal and computer make music together, featuring Lotje, an Australian albino parakeet. The late Jan Misdom on reeds, Bé Meiborg on piano, JacobTV on PPG synthesizer and Hans Hoeksema on djembe and drums. Parkietenkwartet was performed May 7 1983 at the Groningen Oosterpoort, the ensemble conducted by the parakeet Lotje. Sadly, it was a one time only performance, because after the concert, Lotje escaped from the garden of the composer in the heart of the city of Groningen. Lotje lost his way, forever lost.