Paradiso, oratorio

PARADISO is an oratorio for soprano, tenor, sampler, women’s choir and orchestra on lyrics by Dante Alighieri & JacobTV with videos by Jaap & Floris Drupsteen (Pulsatu) Paradiso was performed the day after 9-11, on 12,13 and 14  September 2001 at the Groningen Helpman Centrale, a former power plant. Paradiso was filmed and recorded in surround sound and released on CD, SACD and DVD by Chandos. Cast: Soprano Claron McFadden as Beatrice, tenor Tom Allen as Dante  and the North Netherlands Orchestra(NNO) & Choir conducted by Alexander Liebreich. Information

Published by DONEMUS and PEER Classical for North America.

1,2,3. Ignition, Aurora, Cielo del Sole:

4. Cielo della Luna:

5. heaven on Earth:

6. A Sound from Heaven!

7. Garden of Eden:

8,9. Heaven of Love & Heaven of Lust:

10. Cielo di Saturno:

11.Heaven of Religion:


13.Luce Divina

14.Heaven of Narcotics:

15.Primo Mobile: