PARADIDDLE, for symphony orchestra & mixed choir, was composed 2022, commissioned by AVROTROS Friday Concerts. Dedicated to the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir and chief conductors Karina Canellakis and Benjamin Goodson. World premiere 09-16-22 at TivoliVredenburg Utrecht, live broadcasted on NPO Radio 4.
3222 4231 tmp 4 perc str mixed choir
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Presenter Astrid in ’t Veld had asked me to me compose a positive, optimistic and joyful work to open the new season. Not an easy task in these oppressive times. Inspired by the worldwide turbulence, I picked relatival thoughts by the Roman philosopher Lucretius on the temporality of things, the insignificance of human existence and the indifference of cosmic laws. Summarised: We are stardust. Small particles will move forever in an endless dance. Generations come and go.

What is a paradiddle? A drumming rudiment that combines single strokes with precisely placed double strokes. In drum terminology, “para” means “single stroke” and “diddle” means “double stroke,” and thus the term describes a sticking pattern where a single stroke is followed by a double stroke. LRLLRLRR ( L-left, R=right) The acoustic result on a snare drum is a roll, a static noisy sound, or a tremolo, when performed on a marimba for instance. Paradiddle is a metaphor for Lucretius’ small particles of which anything exists.