Dolly Shot

 Duration 18:00

Dolly Shot, for string orchestra, was commissioned by Amsterdam Sinfonietta with financial support from the FPK. ‘Low Angle Close Up Dolly Shot Highway’, as the original piece was called,  was premiered, conducted by Richard Tognetti  on May 16 2009 at the Muziekgebouw Amsterdam. 10 Years later, Jeppe Moulijn performed a revised version with the Nederlands Strijkersgilde. (recordings below)
A dolly shot is a film segment in which the camera is mounted on a car or a wheeled platform pushed on rails, while the picture is being taken. The grooves of the first movement represent the energy of rotating wheels. Dolly Shot contains quotations from older works like Grab it!, a tenor sax piece and the adagio in the middle is based on chord sequences from Les Soupirs de Rameau for harpsichord from 1994. The final movement was inspired by a quotation from the French king Louis XIV about the uncertainties when traveling by night in 17th century France: ‘ Les routes de nuit sont si peu sûres.’ Dolly Shot is a nightly journey into the unknown. Like a road movie, restless and on the run, but for what and why and where to?

Published by DONEMUS

Amsterdam Sinfonietta in 2009:

Nederlands Strijksersgilde in 2019: