Duration 17:00

Papschachtelwelt is ‘office music’, composed in 1979, a concerto for typewriter and ensemble, composed in 1979. It was performed May 7 1983 at the Groningen Oosterpoort, by an ensemble conducted by John Damsma, with Dick Niemeijer as the soloist. The ensemble consists of typewriter, 2 flutes (piccolo) oboe (cor anglais) clarinet (bas clarinet) bassoon ( double bassoon), French horn, piano. Papschachtelwelt means ‘world of cardboardboxes’ in German and describes a fascinating world of offices and warehouses. Who would have guessed in 1979 that a typewriter would become obsolete within a decade?

1. Tag und Traum
2. Alltag 1
3. Alltraum 1 + Brief
4. Alltag 2
5. Alltraum 2